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Houze Newz

What going onnnn?

The News of Ninju Houze to avoid confusion and whe
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Post here when there is a major change in your character status or you want to discuss something involving another character not on MSN without the confusion of the comm.

If something happens on msn that is important to the characters please post it here.

General knowledge stuff should be posted normally.

anything the rest of us should pretend not to know yet should be posted in crossouts

things that you're considering/haven't happened yet/ideas should be labeled so and possibly posted in italics? I don't know IM me.

If you're too lazy I THE GREEN BEAST OF KONOHA will rape you and get the story with my mad S&M skillz then post it...and you don't want that...

Please do not join unless you are part of the roleplay ninjuh_houze or have been approved by a mod.