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Posted by manly_beast on 2007.09.07 at 01:09
Since it's thursday and I had said the vote would be up today I am putting this up.
There are going to be three mods so they can balance and vote on things,and only three people were nominated and seconded.

and me

Since the people niminated have said they're interested,should we still have a vote including the people who were nominated once, give time for more nominations or just leave it at this for the restart?

Posted by manly_beast on 2007.09.02 at 03:21
It was brought up, and intelligently so, that having group votes on every mod decision in the restart comm would take too long in the long run.

What say all to a three equal mod government to take care of things,nominated by  and voted by current members?  Three mods would always have a majority and no-one-mod would have all of the power.

Mod suggestions,volunteers and any other ideas can be made in this post,anyone suggested has the option to accept the nomination or decline at their own discretion and a list of those in the running who have accepted will be posted.

Since not everyone is around to see this and we should have some way to run things before it starts,we should probably give this a few days so people can be notified accept,decline and poke their two cents in. People seem to prefer a mod who has been here since at least August of last year,so keep that in mind.

Let's say thursday?

Once we get through this, we'll put up anonymous voting and the three who are voted for will be the mods for the restart.

Posted by manly_beast on 2007.08.30 at 19:03

How should we run the new comm?

Have a campaign and vote for 2-3 mods
Have each current houze member mod for a month and then vote at the end
No mods, just vote on every mod-like decision in groupchat.
Same as above,buut only members of long standing can vote.

Posted by manly_beast on 2007.08.30 at 18:42

OK! now many of you want to restart houze...from the beginning... NO pre existing shite as if they were just ripped from part of the series etc...since everything here feels kind of tense.

The new comm would be a reset of houze, take a deep breath and let everything go.

This current community would still be open for those who want to continue,or if anyone just wants to crack with the versions of characters from this comm,since they've been changed by houze-specific events ,and since there are a few fun things like the wedding to go. Maybe with another comm people would take what happens here less seriously...but nothing that happened or happens here would effect the new comm. Now the hard part...a poll!

Since LJ is supposedly cracking down on things, someone suggested having the new comm at insanejournal

Where should we restart?

Keep it on LJ!
Insanejournal all the way!
Edit: Note this will be houze restarted, just on a different comm since this one has so much too it and too many memories to really start fresh.

tuned in
Posted by hk_crow on 2007.08.17 at 13:28
Hey guys, the other night we had a HORRIBLE storm in my neighborhood (sort of like a tornado but not quite. Microburst?) I dunno what it was but it tore up everyone's yards and I am without electricity. Right now I'm at the school library because I couldn't stand going another day without internet. I have no idea when I'm getting power back to my house so just here letting you guys know. It could be until Sunday until I'm online again.

Posted by manly_beast on 2007.08.01 at 14:55
Okiedokie,for those who are going to do this please post the journal you will use for the "Meet the Muns" event XD. You can use your personal journal OR a journal of yourself created for this purpose. This will turn into a friends add post for the event since alot of people have friends only commenting,as does the main Houze. I will update it in the evenings. If you have personal problems with a mun and do not wish to friend them, this is your choice,Their rp characters will be listed next to the names.

Friend Add for those with closed journals:
yuki_no_kitsune    (Gai)
suzimi (dei)
the_mushuzuki (kakashi)
slashseeker (Hayate)

CharacterJournals reportedly open to comment without friending:
Gais (temp for this event)
Main houze page (temp for this event)

Posted by manly_beast on 2007.07.30 at 22:19
Hey! we need people to wake up so what do you think of a meet the muns week?
YOU end up in houze for a week commenting with your personal journal or an alt journal.

1. You have NO powers or physical prowess whatsoever, other than your normal everyday stuff with the exception of rule two.
2. You as yourself ,have random control over your RP character.  meaning you could force him to do anything...like you're rping him/her but not.
3. Your character doesn't know you or the other muns,nor why you can make them do anything you please.
4. All normal houze rules apply to you: the attic,random appearences of House, anything that happens in houze will affect you.
5. To avoid drama Muns can choose not to interact with other muns due to the fact that most people have to friend your personal LJ to interact in journals. If you have huge OOC problems with someone don't friend their journal,it's as simple as that.

This would start  wed or thurs, originally I think it should last a week but depending on what happens...it could be longer.

Posted by manly_beast on 2007.07.25 at 01:22
My retarded ass is back. *dies* Sorry about poofing but as many of you know my grandfather was very sick during June so my family was taking turns holding a death watch so he didn't die alone. He died beginning of July and I've been out of it most of the time since. I was also at two cons which cheered me up to an extent.

I've been thinking while I was away. I really miss Houze the way it used to be. Last summer...has it really been over a year?? it's crazy.  What do the rest of you miss...

Also Obitomun is on an extended Hiatus. She was apparently hit by a car walking to the library in the next town over  to get on the internet the week after my grandpas death. Her parents a-fucking-parently didn't want to worry me or something...or they just didnt care.

edit: She's semi-fine. Just bruised, scratched and has a broken leg X_X

Posted by the_house_is_in on 2007.07.07 at 00:17
Soooooooooooooooooooooo, RL has gotten to me. I've been in and out of RPs, I'm still alive and still clinging on.

So...did any of you miss House or is that wishful thinking? ):


I fail at life, yes I do...DX

Posted by cookies_an_love on 2007.07.01 at 18:16
As horrible and utterly sad as this is I am afraid I must drop Gaara here. I'm sure a lot of you have noticed my lack of activity and Gaara (When I do post) just isn't that much fun anymore.

Of course, I love you guys and this breaks my soul so I wouldn't doubt I won't be back here looking for a spot again, even if it isn't Gaara when school starts up again.

;___; I'll miss you  guys! 

And if any of ya still wanna talk to me or keep in touch my personal journal is "furyfaux", or you can just catch me at mah_pokemans or autumn_leavesxx.



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